Percy's Metallurgy, or the Art of Extracting Metals from their Ores, and Adapting them to various Purposes of Manufacture

Volume III - Lead, including extraction of Silver from Lead

Percy's textbooks on metallurgy are well worth studying today, being thorough, in-depth surveys of the state of contemporary metallurgical knowledge and practical experience. In fact, Percy's were the first general textbooks on this subject in English. They were used all over Europe. At that time British metallurgy was far advanced in comparison with Continental methods.

It is practically impossible to detailedly describe here the contents of these great books. Short summaries are given instead.

Part 1: Properties of Lead; Lead Desilverization

Properties; Physical; Chemical; Compounds with various other substances; Alloys of lead; Types of ores; Assaying; Extraction of silver; Pattinson's and Parkes's processes; Decopperization of lead by zinc, refining or cupellation; Refining of Blicksilber

Part 2: Lead

Smelting; Air-reduction process (in the Flintshire furnace, in the Spanish furnace, in the Cornish flowing-furnace, at Bleiberg, in Peru, in the ore-hearth; in India); Roasting/deoxidizing process (at Sala, Freiberg, Pontgibaud, Vialas, La Pise, Commern, various locations in Germany); Iron-reduction process (at Tarnowitz, in the Upper Harz, the Rachette furnace, at Przibram); Oxidized ores and products (the slag hearth and various other types of furnaces). Other subjects; Condensation of lead fumes; Softening of hard lead; Reduction of litharge; Effect of foreign matters in the ore on the choice of smelting process; Compositions of lead; Commercial details; Red-lead; Poisoning by lead

German cupellation hearth at Freiberg

German cupellation hearth at Freiberg

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