John Gjers, Ironmaster and Ayresome Ironworks, Middlesbrough

Author: Harrison

The Cleveland District played an important part in the British iron and steel industry in the second half of the 19th century. Of the many colourful people involved, John Gjers - immigrate Swede, famous engineer and entrepreneur - was one of the most interesting. He was closely involved in the development of the industry in the district.

The book traces both Gjers' career and his technical inventions. His blast furnaces, calcining kilns, plant for materials-handling, his coke-ovens, blowing engines and soaking pits - all form major improvements and contributions to iron and steel technology of the day. They are reviewed in detail and illustrated with original patent drawings and contemporary engravings and photographs.

engine house with three blowing engines

engine house with blowing engines

The three ironworks with which John Gjers was connected: Teesside, Linthorpe and Ayresome, are discussed, and the most impressive of these, Ayresome, is described in detail and illustrated by a superb set of engravings dating from 1871, reproduced full scale. Ayresome Ironworks survived into the 1960s. Preservation upon closure proved to be impossible, but a full record of the plant was made prior to its demolition. This forms the final chapter of the book.

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