Electric steelmaking up to 1930

Author: Den Ouden

Electric furnaces for steel melting and production became practicable in the first decade of the 20th century. They operated either with a direct or indirect electric arc; or by induction. The various types, such as the Heroult furnace (both single and three phase); the Stassano and Rennerfelt furnaces; and the Kjellin and Rochling-Rodenhauser furnaces are described in some detail in this text.

The next chapter discusses operating parameters of (direct) arc furnaces, like electrode regulation, electrode composition, best suited furnace linings, metallurgy of melting and refining.

Then follows a chapter devoted to similar details of induction furnaces, both with core and coreless.

A small gazetteer shows several electric furnaces actually remaining (in museums). The 15 pages of A4 drawings cover all types of electric furnaces described in the text and very nice they are!

general view of a 1906 Heroult furnace of 1.5 tonnes capacity

general view of a 1906 Heroult furnace
1.5 tonnes capacity

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