Campbell Gas Engine Company Ltd, Halifax: Gas engines and suction gas plants

This catalog comprises six separate brochures, bound in a single volume

Each of the brochures offers a general description and specification of the relevant type of gas engine or generator (from 2-6 pages of text) and a magnificent series of manufacturers photographs (taken both at the manufacturers' and on site).

  • N° 344 Horizontal Gas Engines
  • N° 350 Small Horizontal Single-Cylinder Gas Engines 
  • N° 348 Vertical Multi-Cylinder Gas Engines
  • N° 349 Enclosed Type Suction Gas Plants for Anthracite, Coke & Charcoal Fuel
  • N° 342 Suction Gas Plant for Bituminous Fuel
  • N° 269 Suction Gas Plants for Refuse Fuel

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1925 facsimile boek / book A4-oblong 70 pp - 38 illus paperback € 25,00